31 October 2017

Meet the team Alice's Arc support at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)

The team working at the ICR on rhabdomyosarcoma research is headed by Professor Janet Shipley.

Professor Janet Shipley and her team are working to improve the outlook for children and their families by developing more effective and kinder treatments for rhabdomyosarcoma. This will help children with cancer live longer and improve their quality of life. 

The ICR's mission is to make discoveries that defeat cancer through the delivery of excellent research for the benefit of patients. Together with their hospital partner, The Royal Marsden, the ICR is the largest cancer centre in Europe and rated in the top four cancer centres globally. The ICR takes a 'personalised medicine' approach which involves treating a patient with drugs that target the alterations present in their cancer. By taking this targeted approach the goal is to avoid damaging healthy cells which is particularly key when treating children.

Professor Janet Shipley is one of the world's leading experts on the biology of sarcoma cancers. She leads the Sarcoma Molecular Pathology team at the ICR. She and her team are studying the molecular biology of rhabdomyosarcoma samples to identify new therapeutic targets for drug use or development. This entails assessing whether existing drugs will specifically block the effects of molecular alterations that drive the growth of rhabdomyosarcomas.

Dr Susanne Gatz is a highly experienced clinical fellow working in Janet's laboratory and a key member of the team. She is a Paediatric Oncologist as well as a Scientist, which helps bridge the gap between research discoveries and patient benefit.

Alice's Arc has pledged to raise funds to help pay the salaries of staff within Janet's team. This involves funding Dr Susanne Gatz's salary for at least the next 2 years as well as Higher Scientific Officers needed to support the team. It also provides funds to help supply the team with laboratory materials to help conduct the research.