A 10 minute flight strapped to the wings of a plane secures over £7K for Alice’s Arc

Sara Wakeling and Natalie Carpenter, took to the skies for a breathtaking 10 minute flight strapped to the wings of a plane. It was a once in a lifetime experience soaring high, taking in breathtaking views with adrenalin pumping. They did this to raise crucial funds for research in to rhabdomyosarcoma and to mark childhood cancer awareness month (September). They dressed in gold/yellow attire to symbolise the colour used to represent childhood cancer awareness. From a personal perspective, the passings of their children Alice and Freddie were both in October with Alice’s 1st anniversary on the 8th October and Freddie’s 2nd anniversary on the 20th October and this flight was also taken to honour their lives.

The support and fundraising was phenomenal and an extraordinary £7K has been raised. We are so grateful to everybody who has contributed to and supported this effort.


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