A young girl’s legacy: pioneering blood test can help treat rare childhood cancer

We were delighted to participate in this interview with the Observer, along with Professor Janet Shipley at the The Institute of Cancer Research, about the progress of research into devising a liquid biopsy for rhabdomyosarcoma. This is a hugely exciting development that could allow disease to be detected with a blood test, as well as the ability to predict the behaviour of an individual’s tumour.
Alice’s Arc, alongside others, has been involved in funding this work from the pilot phase and will be continuing to fund  the next phase where clinical application will commence as part of the FaR-RMS trial. This was one of the first research projects that Alice’s Arc funded and it’s wonderful to start seeing tangible results.
This work is driven by the passion of families impacted by rhabdomyosarcoma to make important changes for the future. Please click here to read the full article.
This research is a prime example of how together we can make change. Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen. This really could be a ‘game changer’ for the future.


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