Alice’s Arc commits to investing £1.1million in to rhabdomyosarcoma research projects over the next three years

Happy New Year 2021 to all our Alice’s Arc supporters!
We are delighted to commence the year by announcing our plans to invest £1.1million in to rhabdomyosarcoma research projects over the next three years. This will be broken down in to five research projects, led by several leading research centres, that are aligned to our research priorities, namely:
– to focus on funding research that will help identify new treatments for children with metastatic, relapsed or refractory rhabdomyosarcoma
– to support innovative research where findings can be translated to clinical trials for novel treatments and new drugs that can ultimately improve survival outcomes for these children.
We are unable to announce complete details of these projects but hope to be in a position to do so over the next three months. We can’t wait to share these with you and are forever grateful for all the fundraising that has enabled these projects.
Thank you so much and let’s battle harder than ever this year to defeat the monster that is rhabdomyosarcoma. As ever, for all the children lost to the disease, the children fighting the disease and those children who will be diagnosed in the future. You are at the heart of what we do.


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