Royal Parks Half Marathon 2023 raises over £120K

What a day, the atmosphere, the support and unity of medical professionals, scientists, families and corporate supporters! Please watch the video link (kindly produced by Gaspard’s Arc) for a taste of the day.
105 runners passionately supporting our mission to fund research into rhabdomyosarcoma in order to diversify treatment options and improve cure rates for those diagnosed in the future.
And, together, we raised over £120K for our current portfolio of 9 rhabdomyosarcoma research projects across leading research institutions. Did you know that this £120K can approximately cover the salary of a PostDoc in a laboratory for two years? That’s two years learning more about rhabdomyosarcoma and converting this information for use in the clinic.
Thanks is not enough. We are so grateful for the ongoing support of the Arcs, families impacted by the disease, the medics/scientists, corporate supporter and so many more. Let’s keep going. This is what HOPE looks like.
Any takers for next year?!


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