Annual Report 2020 – 2021

We are delighted to share our Annual Report for 2020/2021. Please click on the link to read the summary of our goals, about rhabdomyosarcoma, the launch of the Arcs, our tributes, our year at a glance, the future and our financial statement and notes.

Annual Report for 2020/2021


  • £506,258 raised during this time span
  • £240,160 donated to the University of Birmingham, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health and the Institute of Cancer Research during this time
  • Currently have seven rhabdomyosarcoma research projects we are funding and co-funding. Projects cover fusion negative disease, identifying drugs to treat known aggressive bio-markers, devising CAR T-cell treatment for rhabdomyosarcoma, devising liquid biopsies for the prediction and detection of rhabdomyosarcoma and more
  • Committed to supporting research enabler roles at the EpSSG
  • At the end of this time period, in total, Alice’s Arc has raised over £1.8million
  • Launched the Arcs with six family Arcs across England and Northern Ireland. Others in the works
  • An assortment of fundraising such as half marathons, challenge sporting events & walks, luxury raffles, corporate donations and campaigns after a child has passed away
  • Working creatively to develop and engage our rhabdomyosarcoma community.


We would like to thank all the families, friends, communities and corporate organisations that have supported us. We continue to grow and thrive which is leading to increased rhabdomyosarcoma research across leading UK research institutions. We are delighted but planning ahead to sustain and exceed this growth in order to make breakthroughs for research into rhabdomyosarcoma that will benefit families receiving this diagnosis in the future.


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This incredible football fundraiser involving Neive’s community and professional footballers raised £5K.
A team of 105 runners comprising scientists, doctors, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, families, friends, parents all ran together.
This incredible community event marked Mollie’s five year anniversary of her diagnosis with rhabdomyosarcoma.