BullionVault make £3.25K donation inspired by Gaspard Ronsseray

We are very grateful to BullionVault for choosing to donate £3.25K to Alice’s Arc after a member of staff became aware of Gaspard Ronsseray’s (Hope With Gaspard) journey with rhabdomyosarcoma. Thank you so much for this generous donation which will go towards research projects investigating the development of new treatment options for children with relapsed rhabdomyosarcoma.

BullionVault is the world’s largest online investment gold service. When the company is unable to identify an account to be credited, and it is not possible to return the funds to their source, client funds remaining in a separate account for a period of at least five years are then allocated at BullionVault’s discretion to recognised children’s charities on Customer’s joint behalf.



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