Delay in reforming European rules could deny thousands of children access to latest cancer drugs

We have co-signed a letter to President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker outlining the concerns on delays in reforming the EU Paediatric Regulation.

The European Commission has conceded that its Paediatric Regulation has not yet been successful at opening up access for children to the newest precision cancer treatments – but has opted for a further review for up to two years rather than taking immediate action. Over this period around 24,000 children in Europe – and around 3,600 in the UK alone – will be diagnosed with cancer. These children are missing out on clinical trials of the latest targeted treatments because under the current, flawed rules, pharmaceutical companies are often able to opt out of trialling new drugs in children.
The letter has been co-signed with the Institute of Cancer Research, Teenage Cancer Trust, CLIC Sargent, Nuffield Council on Bioethics, Unite2Cure and other children’s cancer charities.
This story achieved press coverage in the Daily Mail and the Daily Express.


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