Finn the Phoenix’s family and friends raise over £5K

Finn passed away in June 2018 and his family requested no flowers at his funeral and instead donations to Alice’s Arc. Finn’s network raised a magnificent £5K for the charity.

Finn started a youtube blog during his cancer battle and this provided him with a great distraction. He was a great Harry Potter fan and chose a Phoenix as his patronus and even made his own catchy jingle. Finn believed that as a phoenix rises out of the ashes, so would he. With the help of family and friends and Finn’s best buddy, Oscar, they hope to monetise the channel in order to raise much needed funds for research in to rhabdomyosarcoma and to raise awareness of childhood cancer. Please visit his vlog: https//

Finn’s family have other fundraising initiatives in the pipeline so watch this space. 


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Sara Wakeling is a patient advocate on the Cancer Grand Challenge, NexTGen.
Delighted to be invited as speakers representing the parental perspective of rhabdomyosarcoma.
Please consider participating in a research interview as part of the REFoRMS (Relapsed and Refractory Rhabdomyosarcoma) study, led by the University of York.