What is Rhabdomyosarcoma

Go gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) – September 2021


Working with our Arcs family network we initiated a campaign to raise awareness and funds for rhabdomyosarcoma


This September 2021, the Arcs and other families came together to raise awareness of childhood cancer and, in particular, rhabdomyosarcoma. The beauty of our powerful family voice is that it links into networks all over the UK and families can campaign to their own communities and supporters via their Arc platform.

We ran a social media campaign explaining what rhabdomyosarcoma is, how it’s treated and what it’s like for a family going through this experience. Local communities across the UK also used our campaign posters in local shops and businesses alongside gold window dressings for the month. In Sevenoaks, Kent, a group of local ladies conducted a gold walk through the town encouraging businesses to go gold and display posters. In Stubbington, Hampshire, the town turned gold with yellow balloons, ribbons and more. In Belfast, Leeds and Portsmouth landmark buildings turned gold in recognition of children with cancer. Sevenoaks, train station also turned gold for the month displaying signage and hosting a bake sale.
We also had a variety of gold products designed across different Arcs – the gold ‘Alice’ bow, Elsa’s candle, Mollie’s lipgloss, individualised Arc wristbands, gold awareness ribbons and sweet cones. These items were sold through schools and communities in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Leeds, Kent, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London and Surrey. Businesses and schools also hosted ‘go gold’ days where you can wear a gold accessory to school for a donation.
We couldn’t do this without the support of all these communities coming together and we are so very grateful to everyone for participating and offering their services. Looking forward to next September already!


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