NexTGen : Targeting vulnerabilities of childhood cancers

We are delighted to share an article regarding the Cancer Grand Challenge, NexTGen that Alice’s Arc co-founder, Sara Wakeling participates in as a Patient Advocate. This article was originally included in the Cancer Grand Challenges annual progress magazine Discover: a year of scientific creativity.

NexTGen successfully applied for the £20million funding via the CRUK/NCI’s joint Cancer Grand Challenge initiative designed to tackle cancer’s most complex issues including solid tumours in children. NexTGen’s mission is to bring T-cell therapies to standard care within a decade. They will be launching three clinical trials in the US and UK to test different hypotheses across using a specially engineered CAR T-cell to treat ewings sarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma and complex brain tumours. Please visit the NexTGen website here.

“NexTGen represents crucial and overdue work,” says team advocate Sara Wakeling, CEO and co-funder of Alice’s Arc. “It has hope written all over it. Hopefully, one day, a family who have no idea that they will face a solid tumour diagnosis will be suitable for the innovative treatment devised by our Cancer Grand Challenges team, and their chances of a safe cure will be far better than they are today.”

The NexTGen team is funded by Cancer Research UK, the National Cancer Institute and the Mark Foundation for Cancer Research. To find out more, please click here.



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