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Royal Parks Half Marathon 2021 raises staggering £150K for Alice’s Arc


On Sunday 10th October, 100 runners from across the Arcs network ran the amazing Half through the Royal Parks of London

After many delays due to Covid-19, the Royal Parks Half finally happened on Sunday 10th October 2021. With 100 runners (comprising supporters across our Arcs family network) and a huge number of spectators and supporters gathering in our marquee, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have raised almost £150K. This will go towards our rhabdomyosarcoma research projects.

This is absolutely huge and demonstrates the power of the Arcs – families coming together, funds being pooled, a more powerful voice for rhabdomyosarcoma. Together we are stronger.

Our sincere thanks to every runner, to everyone who donated, everyone who came along and cheered on the day. One event alone raising almost £150K – WOW!


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