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Team Ben’s New Forest Rattler sporting challenges raises a tremendous £60K


48 people ran, biked and swum to raise money for Alice’s Arc, The GOSH charity and Spread a Smile.

Ben Jarvis was diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma in July 2020 and is being treated under the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital. He endured nine intensive cycles of chemotherapy, two operations and 23 radiotherapy sessions. He is currently on maintenance chemotherapy and his last scan showed no evidence of any tumour, which is brilliant news.

Ben’s family decided to devise a fundraising event to celebrate how far Ben has come. They choose to participate in a variety of events at the New Forest Rattler on the 5th June 2021. Their daughters Daisy and Ellie, along with Ben’s grandmother, did a 5k run. Ben’s mother ran a half marathon and Ben’s father cycled 130K. Many of their family and friends also joined them creating a team of 48 people testing their sporting prowess. They raised an absolutely enormous £60K.

In honour of Ben’s journey with rhabdomyosarcoma, they identified three charities to split the funds between. We are so delighted that they choose Alice’s Arc as one of their charities, alongside the fantastic Great Ormond Street Charity and Spread a Smile, who so successfully entertain seriously ill children during hospital visits and stays.

Funds raised will go towards our mission to discover new treatments to treat rhabdomyosarcoma and ensure that survival rates improve for children diagnosed in the future. Thank you so much Team Ben for this significant contribution.


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