Team Faye-Bae raise £2.5k by running their own 10km challenge

Faye was diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma in September 2019. She has completed frontline treatment and is currently 5 months in to maintenance chemotherapy and doing well.
Faye’s Aunt and Grandad decided to raise some money to give back to everybody who has supported the family since Faye’s diagnosis. Therefore, on Faye’s 5th birthday they marked it by doing a 10K run. Faye’s twin cousins also joined in for the last kilometre. They completed the run in 1 hour 10 mins – Faye’s Grandad sailed through whilst her Aunt had to power through with a cramping calf for more than half of it! However, the pain didn’t bother her and she said it was definitely worth it considering what a child with cancer has to experience.
Team Faye-Bae’s 10K has raised a massive £2.5K for Alice’s Arc. We are so grateful and it’s wonderful that so many people are conducted their own fundraisers during Covid-19 given the larger-scale events are unable to go ahead. Thank you so much Team Faye-Bae and we wish Faye continued good health.


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