The little girl, who inspired the creation of Alice’s Arc, has died, aged 7

Alice’s cancer sadly returned in her abdomen, a new location, where the cancer had never been previously. It was detected at the end of July 2019 after her tummy appeared distended. She had just received the news that her usual scans of the head/neck and lungs were clear. However, the cancer in her abdomen was widespread and there were no curative treatment options available given the extensive chemotherapy, radiation and surgery that Alice had already received. 

Alice’s story perfectly illustrates why Alice’s Arc exists. She endured harsh treatments for years until she got to the point where no options were available due to a lack of understanding about the disease. The mission of Alice’s Arc remains firm – more funding is needed in to researching this disease and identifying ways to treat and cure it more effectively. We can’t keep losing such young children to rhabdomyosarcoma. Please keep battling with us to make change for the future. This is Alice’s legacy.


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