Little Tigers Raffle

The Little Tigers Charity Raffle raises an astonishing £16K


Hope With Gaspard sold 2500 tickets with incredible prizes such as a Louboutin bag, VIP festival tickets and much more

The Little Tigers Charity Raffle was created by Hope With Gaspard who work closely with Alice’s Arc. Sales of tickets generated a huge £16K. They managed to secure an enviable prize list including a Louboutin designer bag, a luxury hamper from a French fashion house, VIP festival tickets and many more including jewellery, concert tickets, wine and champagne. Over 2500 tickets were sold over three weeks and the grand draw took place on the 23rd May 2021.

The funds raised have gone towards our research project at the Institute of Cancer Research which is looking at the circulating tumour DNA in the blood for rhabdomyosarcoma. The goal of this work is to develop a liquid biopsy for rhabdomyosarcoma which can help a) detect active tumour and b) help predict how the tumour will behave in the future. This would be a ground-breaking outcome.
Thank you so much to Hope With Gaspard and to everyone who supported this fantastic raffle. We are stronger together and won’t stop in our mission to find a cure and better treatments for this devastating cancer.



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