Washington Post: To save children with cancer, doctors turn to new weapons

It was a pleasure to take part in an interview with the Washington Post about childhood cancer, our story and Alice’s Arc. Other US advocates and leading US clinicians and scientists also input.
Please do read. It’s a really interesting piece on the changing face of the landscape for childhood cancer and new initiatives brought about via advocacy such as incentivizing pharmaceutical companies to focus on drug development for kids. It also introduces the work of the cancer grand challenge designed to devise new T-cell therapies for children with solid tumours such as rhabdomyosarcoma.
We are so proud that Alice’s Arc was referenced as an organization with a powerful group of parent voices. And really fantastic to receive recognition in such a leading US newspaper.


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On the 11th March 2023 families, medical professionals and scientists came together as a community.
The launch took place at a special memorial assembly at Elliott’s school.
We will be opening as a 501(c)(3) in 2023.