Tom Hart has raised an enormous £12,860 in his Tiger King Challenge for the little tigers

Tom Hart spent several months deliberately growing his hair in response to covid-19 and being unable to visit the hairdresser. With traditional charity fundraising unable to go ahead, Tom then took the decision to inject some fun in to this tough situation and transform himself in to the Tiger King who shares his passion for fluffy animals and furry men! During Tom’s journey he shared videos and photos tracking his incredible transformation. His huge effort has raised an enormous £12,860, demonstrating how creative fundraising during covid-19 can have a significant impact.

Tom choose to raise funds for childhood cancer and in response to Gaspard’s journey with rhabdomyosarcoma via Hope With Gaspard, whose fundraising efforts link directly with Alice’s Arc.

Thank you for this magnificent fundraising initiative!


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Sara Wakeling is a patient advocate on the Cancer Grand Challenge, NexTGen.
Delighted to be invited as speakers representing the parental perspective of rhabdomyosarcoma.
Please consider participating in a research interview as part of the REFoRMS (Relapsed and Refractory Rhabdomyosarcoma) study, led by the University of York.